Learner Privacy Policy

Learner records are the property of iBRAIN and are considered confidential. Access to the information they contain is restricted to iBRAIN staff who have a legitimate reason to review information. These records are provided to the learner on request and contain information on all iBRAIN-sponsored CEU events.  

Following a conference or event participants can expect their CEU certificates to be emailed or mailed, based on the method requested, within 15 days of the meeting. Upon request in writing, from the applicant by signature only, records will be released and forwarded within a period of 7 to 14 days, based on need. In addition to this policy, password-only access to computer records and locked file cabinets assures privacy and security. To protect learner privacy, iBRAIN will not release information to a third party, even at the request of the learner.  


IBRAIN personnel, under direction of the Chief Education Officer, are responsible for updating CEU Attendance Verification Forms, maintaining the records (physically and electronically), and issuing Transcripts and Certificates of Completion. 

Learners who fail to follow proper CEU procedures will not be awarded CEUs. If attendance is verified improperly, the CEUs will be voided and learners do not receive CEUs. 

Learners will be informed of the proper CEU procedures to follow to earn CEUs prior to the learning event in promotional material and during the learning event on the CEU Attendance Verification Form, as well as at the beginning of each session. 

In the event a learner has not met the requirements to earn CEUs, s/he will be notified electronically via email.  

By visiting or using this site, and engaging with or purchasing any of iBRAIN Postgraduate Continuing Education Program's courses or products, you acknowledge, understand, and agree to the Learner Privacy Policy as stated above.