Intellectual Property (IP) Policy

iBRAIN IP Policy defines intellectual property as all forms of legally recognized intellectual property, including copyrights, patents, and trade secrets, trademarks, together with any associated or supporting technology or know-how. For the purpose of this Policy, “Intellectual Property” also includes tangible research property such as research tools, prototypes and records used in the course of iBRAIN training design. Just as we would expect others to respect our intellectual property ownership, the International Institute for the Brain (iBRAIN) respects the copyright of those involved in creating and disseminating copyright material, such as training programs, videos, software, and other literary, artistic, and other works. iBRAIN employees or students shall not make, store, transmit, or make available unauthorized copies of copyrighted material on iBRAIN systems, equipment, or storage media.

iBRAIN employees shall not download, upload, store, or make available unauthorized copies of copyrighted material via the internet using iBRAIN learning management or other systems, equipment, or storage media.

Whenever iBRAIN works with other agencies, institutions of higher learning, businesses and other entities in preparing materials, products, instruments, devices, and services for continuing and education and training (CE/T), whether these efforts are financially supported by iBRAIN or by other means, it is always necessary to address intellectual property rights.  


iBRAIN shall own all goods and services created or provided in a continuing education setting. If contracted, the instructor/coach shall acknowledge iBRAIN’s funding role and ownership of all goods and products. At times, joint ownership is in the best interest of the subject being presented and should be agreed upon during planning for the topic. Also, all ownerships other than iBRAIN are disclosed to learners before the first day of training event. 

Subject to instructor/coach’s right to publish the results of research and development activities, and except as otherwise required by law, the instructor/coach at all times agrees to protect confidentiality of all records and information. 

All deliverables resulting in a contract environment shall be the property of the division, and the instructor/coach shall not distribute or reproduce for profit or allow others to profit from the deliverables. A deliverable is a tangible item that is a product of the research and development activity such as a report, a guidebook, training manual, or a data set. 

Deliverable items to be provided by an instructor/coach to iBRAIN shall be limited to those items that are defined during the planning, developing, administering, and delivering of the CE/T event. 

Ownership of copyright in any and all copyrighted works, and ownership of all other results, including but not limited to data resulting from research and development activities, shall belong to the instructor/coach. For such non-deliverables, the instructor/coach hereby grants iBRAIN a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive, paid-up license to use, publish, and distribute these results. 


Any invention or novel, useful, nonobvious, and patentable improvement on existing invention made or conceived in the performance of preparing for continuing education and training shall be owned jointly or individually by the instructor/coach and/or iBRAIN.